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Bama \bamh-ah\ noun;

Term derived from ghetto people in alabama; being dirty, lazy, ugly etc...

Damn, he hasn't taken a shower since a week ago? Fucking Bama!


the definition of bama, as provided by the urban dictionary, deligates that the word "bama" is a narrow, conclusive word that is stereotypical of a certain demographic.

HOWEVER... it is the purpose of no_bamas to expand that definition to not only dirty, lazy, ugly (etc) people from alabama, but anyone who acts OR LOOKS like an effing idiot. this person may harbor any or all of the above qualities, but are not limited to them.

you may use no_bamas to totally bash someone who has been getting the eff on your nerves (feel free to link their livejournal), to start livejournal fights, or...

to post pix0rz. pix0rz are de best.

if you do post pictures, please be mindful of the number and size of pix0rz you post. but please, post them. anything funny -- do not hesitate (and yes, they CAN be obscene -- but please use some level of common sense. extreme posts will be deleted).

OH...also, when people look at your user info, they will know that you are not a bama once you claim your name to...non-bamadome.

so get on wif yo' badddd selves and do watchya'll gotsta do, nah mean?